About St. Monica Academy

St. Monica Academy is an Elementary and college preparatory High School with a classical pedagogy and a classical liberal arts curriculum.
St. Monica Academy seeks to form students in faith, reason and virtue by imparting authentic Catholic principles and by introducing young minds to classical literature and the other liberal arts. Teaching methods are directed toward developing memory, sound reasoning, and communication skills in keeping with the natural stages of childhood intellectual development.
St. Monica Academy opened its doors in 2001 with 44 students in grades 2-8. The high school began in 2002 with the addition of ninth grade. The first class of high school seniors graduated from St. Monica Academy in 2006. Now in its twenty-first year, St. Monica Academy serves 275 boys and girls in grades 1-12. St. Monica Academy imparts a classical education in the Roman Catholic tradition. The school uses solid classical methods and materials and is in full conformity with Church teaching. “Faith – Reason – Virtue,” the motto adopted by the founding families, expresses the aim of the school—to form the minds, hearts, and characters of students through the development of the intellectual, moral, and theological virtues.