There are a dizzying array of scrip programs in which St. Monica Academy participates.  There is bound to be at least one that meets your needs for convenience.

Traditional Scrip

Vendors sell scrip (often in the form of gift certificates or gift cards) at a discount to the school.  For example, they may sell a $25 gift card to Bath and Body Works for $20.  The school earns $5 on the sale of the gift card.

St. Monica Academy purchases scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center, a clearinghouse which sells scrip for hundreds of vendors.  An order form for the most frequently ordered scrip is HERE. (When you click on this link, the form goes to your browser’s downloads folder.) This is an Excel spreadsheet and will fill in the totals automatically.

To see a full list of Great Lakes Scrip Center vendors, and the earnings on scrip purchases, go to the Great Lakes Scrip Center website and click on either the “alphabetically” or “by category” links under “Retailer List.”  Or you can download an alphabetical list (not guaranteed to be current) by clicking here.

Participating in traditional scrip involves a little advance planning, as it takes about two weeks to receive scrip after placing an order. A volunteer parent takes scrip orders every Monday after school. Call the office at (818) 369-7310 for more information on purchasing traditional scrip.

Electronic Scrip

St. Monica Academy earned nearly $2,000 in escrip rebates from Von’s alone in 2009-2010!

Making an online purchase?  Register with eScrip here, select St. Monica Academy as your beneficiary (Group ID: 6425470), and then shop through eScrip’s portal by going here.  Your purchases will earn a rebate from eScrip.

There are over 800 popular online stores that will either contribute a percentage based on your total purchase price or will contribute a specific dollar amount. Once you are registered, just log into the escrip site with your user ID and password, search for your favorite online store, and begin shopping. Escrip tracks your purchases electronically, securely, and confidentially, and it is an easy way to earn money for St. Monica Academy.

Here is a partial list of the participating online stores:

• Apple iTunes • Babies R Us • eBay • Expedia • • Macy’s • Motherhood Maternity • Office Depot • Staples • Target • Toys R Us • Walmart

You may also register your credit and debit cards at so that when you shop in person at participating stores, restaurants, hotels, etc., the merchant will automatically contribute to St. Monica Academy every time you use your card.

Grocery Stores

How many people spend $2,000 per year in groceries? Everybody raise your hands because that comes to $166.67 per month. Be sure to register your club cards, select St. Monica Academy as the beneficiary, and you will surpass your annual commitment with groceries alone!

Bristol Farms: Register your debit and/or credit card online here.

Food4Less: Register your Food4Less Card online here.

Hows Market: Register your Hows card online here.

Ralphs: Register your Ralphs Rewards Card online here.   (Please note you must obtain the new “Rewards” card to register since their “Club Card” is no longer valid.)

Super A Foods: Register your Super A Foods Card online here.

Vons & Pavilions: Register your Vons Club Card online here.

Office Depot

When shopping at Office Depot, present our school number 70121812 at checkout, and earn 5% cash back for St. Monica Academy. (You can also present your own rewards card while earning cash back to St. Monica.)