Cibo Lunch


Cibo School Lunch is now open!

Please place your lunch orders for your student/s by clicking here!

* Regular entree is $5.50 and it comes with a hot entree, fresh veggies, fruit and water. For larger portions, pls. indicate “Large” entree which is $6.50. For example, Regular = 1 pizza slice and Large= 2 pizza slices. Please make sure to write “Large” or “Large for all orders” if you’d like. Otherwise, order will be considered “regular”. Thanks.

* Please place weekly orders and send payment by every Saturday at noon. You can also choose your entrees for the entire month (4 weeks) and Venmo payment for the entire month.

* Please calculate your order cost (e.g. $5.50 x 10 = $55) and send payment via Venmo to @CiboSchoolLunch to complete your order. (You can enter “6016” as security code if needed).

* Please include in your Venmo comment: “SMA” and last name.