Speaker Series

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St. Monica Academy’s Speaker Series Aims to Foster a Vibrant, Intellectual Community

“I have now attended three Speaker Series talks.  All have been informative and interesting. It is time well spent, and I look forward to the next one.” – Mr. Robert De Pietro, long-time St. Monica Academy benefactor

The inspiration for the Speaker Series came midway through the 2016 school year, a few months after St. Monica Academy moved from Pasadena to its new campus at Holy Redeemer Church in Montrose.  Then high school teacher Mr. O’Donnell and current high school teacher Mr. Selmeczy realized that the new campus offered a venue and opportunity to host educational talks for the St. Monica community.

“The talks are entertaining and enriching,” says Mr. Selmeczy. “You will enjoy them, and you will leave more deeply in love with the classical education than when you arrived.”

Increased interest in firmly establishing the Speaker Series within the community led to a formal inauguration at the start of the 2018 school year.

The Speaker Series will include talks designed to help parents with the formation of their children as well as academic talks on history, politics, religion, literature, and more.  The talks are open to the public.

“The aim of the Series,” says Mr. Selmeczy, “is to foster the vibrant, intellectual community around St. Monica Academy in order to draw parents and students more deeply into the vision of the school and the world of classical education.”

St. Monica Academy Speaker Series Videos

St. Monica Academy Speaker Series Titles and Presenters

Why is Literature at the Foundation?
Presented by Christine Halpin on March 8, 2019

The Crusades: The Christian “Just War” or Just Another European Aggression?
Presented by Michael Grumbine on January 11, 2019

Secrets of Parenting from a Mother of 18
Presented by Rosa Pich on November 30,2018

Should Criminals Be Cured or Punished: C.S. Lewis on Crime and Punishment
Presented by Dr. Joseph Bessette on November 2, 2018

Building a Family Culture: Countering Today’s Culture
Presented by St. Monica Academy Board President Martin Boles on October 12, 2018

Is Piety Extinct?
Presented by St. Monica Academy High School Teacher Daniel Selmeczy on September 21, 2018