COVID Response Plan


Important COVID protocols for 2021-22 are:


1. Temperature screening before entering school will be conducted.

2. Isolation area for symptomatic students will continue.

3. Frequent handwashing will be required.

4. Daily sanitizing of desks, doors, restrooms and stairs will continue.

5. No social distancing or cohorting will be required.

6. Plexiglass barriers on desks have been removed.

7. Streaming-recording-distance classes are discontinued.

8. In-car pick-up is discontinued.

9. The current masking policy from the Health Department is masks indoors.

10. Exposure management requires COVID positive students to stay at home and reports of linked cases be made to the Health Department.

As procedures and policies change, the school will update the information for parents and students on the website and in the Messenger.



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