SMA Robotics Team Reaches 4 Tournament Semifinals

Hands-on logic is learned in 8th grade through the Robotics and Computer Programming course taught by our veteran technology teacher, Mr. Freymann. Students reinforce their logical training through the High School Robotics Club. After only two years of competing in LA County robotics tournaments, our Robotics Club routinely continues to place ahead of larger public schools within our district, including four appearances in tournament semifinals.

“Our club has done exceptionally well against larger schools with older robotics programs. This is a testament to the quality of our students and the academic rigor of SMA.” – Mr. Freymann

Robotics SMA


Below is an excerpt from Mr. Freymann’s “Technology at the Right Time” Grade School Open House Presentation:

“For students in 1st – 5th grade, the objectives of the grammar stage—learning new facts and information—are best achieved without computers, tablets, and other devices. Studies have shown that students of all ages tend to learn more effectively from print textbooks than from screens. In an October 2017 article that appeared in Business Insider, educational researchers Lauren Singer and Patricia Alexander found that comprehension and especially retention of detail were significantly higher among students who read the print version. We believe this applies especially to children in the younger grades.”