SMA Students Excel in Math and Standardized Testing

The rigour of the Saxon Math curriculum helps prepare students for the higher-level math they will study in high school – AP Calculus BC being the highest. If repetition is the mother of learning, then Saxon Math delivers the perfect curriculum, combining new content while consistently reviewing previously learned concepts with each new chapter.

“This past summer, our son took a math entrance exam outside of SMA and tested 2 grades ahead of his grade level.  This showed how strong the math program is at SMA.  He had just finished 6th grade, and he ended up completing a 9th grade level summer math class at Loyola High School.” – SMA Parent


SMA students also score high on the Stanford 10 and OLSAT standardized tests. Last school year, the grade school students averaged in the 80th National Percentile, scoring higher than 80% of students nationally! Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and mathematical problem solving were among the students’ many strengths.