The Best Grade School Education in Los Angeles County

18 years after St. Monica Academy opened its doors as the only private, Catholic grade school and high school with a classical curriculum in Los Angeles, the accolades and achievements of the grade school students continue to underscore the credibility of a classical educational foundation.

Combined with effective teaching methodologies and a faculty that works in tandem with the parents, classically-trained teachers provide grade school students with the scaffolding they need in order to achieve their potential across all subject areas.

“At St. Monica, on the pragmatic side–the trivium, classical education–this is not something educational experts came up with. This is something that is tried and true, and it has lasted many generations. And it’s a miracle–it’s a miracle–that St. Monica happened.” – Andrea Favilli, SMA Parent and Chief Creative Officer, Favilli Studio


Below is a video clip of Mr. Favilli’s testimony given at the 2019 Grade School Open House.