Un Nuevo Mundo de Fe

Don Quixote

The Vaquero


Blessed Miguel Pro

Our Lady of GuadalupeThis year’s Grandparents Day performance was titled Un Nuevo Mundo de Fe – A New World of Faith. 1st through 8th grade students impressed the audience with beautiful stories, songs, and dances: The History and Evolution of the Vaquero, Man of La Mancha, La Virgen Guadalupe, Don Gato, Theatrical Dances from Spain and Latin America, Father Miguel Pro and the Cristeros, and a choral rendition of Gabriel’s Oboe as a tribute to the Mexican martyrs of the Cristero War.

The program began with a reading of excerpts from Archbishop Gomez’s recent essay on Our Lady of Guadalupe:

“I believe that this event is in fact the crucial moment in the history of the United States, and of every country in the Americas. It is key to understanding the Church’s purpose and to reconciling our political and cultural divisions…

At Guadalupe, the Mother of God presented herself as the Mother of the Americas…In God’s plan, this hemisphere was chosen as the site for the building of a new civilization. A new world of faith…

As Christianity is pushed away and God is denied, today we again face a culture where life is cheap and the innocent and weak are easily discarded or destroyed…Guadalupe is a vision of the world as God wants it to be. The “shrine” that Our Lady wants us to build in the Americas is a civilization that celebrates and welcomes every life, no matter how weak or burdensome.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!