“St. Mo’Town” Auction Coming Up On April 29

St. Mo'Town Auction

The Auction Catalog is now open for browsing! Visit the St. Mo’Town website at www.bidpal.net/sma2017 to see the full list of the auction items.

LET’S GO, ST. MO’! St. Monica Academy’s popular high school cheer was the inspiration for the St. Mo’Town Auction & Gala. On April 29, SMA friends, parents, and benefactors will be “Dancing in the Streets” at the Pasadena Hilton to raise funds to support the school’s classical, Catholic education.

Guests will “Shop! In the Name of Love” for one-of-a-kind auction items and enjoy dinner, dancing, and live Motown hits from the Halpin Family Band. Proceeds benefit the school’s annual operations, including scholarships. Find out “What’s Goin’ On” by visiting the SMA Auction website at www.bidpal.net/sma2017.

This year’s Auction Gala will honor Ostia Award Winner Mary Kate Zepeda. “After fourteen years of service, Mary Kate Zepeda has become the embodiment of St. Monica Academy as alma mater, or nurturing mother,” says SMA Headmaster Marguerite Grimm. “Her patient firmness in forming our first and second graders in the virtues of joy, kindness, generosity, tidiness, and diligence has helped create the school culture we now enjoy. It is Miss Zepeda who first introduces catechism by heart, literature read-aloud, poetry recited, and classical music appreciated. Anchored by a profoundly beautiful preparation for First Holy Communion, Miss Zepeda’s primary program has produced a bountiful harvest of students yearning for beauty, hungering for knowledge, and open to God’s graces. Congratulations to our first teacher to receive the Ostia Award!”


“Get Ready” and check out the Auction promo video below:

Take a sneak peek into some of the one-of-a-kind auction items being offered this year:

Check out this preview of one of the Live Auction Packages: Catalina Free Diving with Mr. Bradley and Mr. Selmeczy!