Motivational Talk: Joe Odhiambo

IMG_1226IMG_1338World-record holder Joe Odhiambo visited St. Monica Academy on Jan. 30. In a very impressive demonstration for our students, he dribbled, spun, and juggled up to five basketballs simultaneously. Currently Mr. Odhiambo holds the following world records:

Dribbling six basketballs simultaneously for one minute
Spinning one basketball the longest (4 hours and 15 minutes)
Dribbling one basketball the longest (26 hours and 40 minutes)
Juggling three basketballs while shooting 42 layups in one minute
Spinning a basketball on one hand without touching it with the other hand (37.46 seconds)

Mr. Odhiambo demonstrated his skills as part of a motivational talk on achieving goals through perseverance. He spoke about the influence of God in his life, and encouraged our students to make the right choices. One of the most enjoyable parts of his presentation was when he taught sophomore Basil Inman and junior Elena Ford how to dribble four basketballs simultaneously.

IMG_1595In his native Kenya, Mr. Odhiambo was a star player on the Kenya National Basketball Team. He graduated with degrees in computer science and mathematics from Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University. At Grand Canyon he played varsity basketball from 1989-1991, including two national championships. After college, Joseph Odhiambo worked as a computer programmer and statistical analyst before becoming a motivational speaker, basketball coach, and entertainer.

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