Grade School Open House 2015

Experimenting 127Experimenting 152Experimenting 199St. Monica’s annual grade school open house, which took place in Ross Chapel on Jan. 14, was attended by a record number of new applicants and their families. Highlights of the evening included student presentations on Pocahontas, the Plant Kingdom & photosynthesis, and a seventh-grade Latin skit that enacted the parable of the prodigal son in the wild west. Lt. Col. Nathan Diller, one of our parents, gave an enlightening testimony on why he and his wife send their children to St. Monica Academy. He emphasized the vibrant faith, supportive families, dedicated faculty, and excellent education as the main benefits of this school. Our sincere gratitude goes to all the parents and high school volunteers who helped to organize this successful event.

More photos of the open house can be seen at A video of the Latin skit can be watched at