Geography Bee 2015

IMG_0116 The National Geographic Bee finals were held on Friday, January 9 in Ross Chapel. Ten class champions competed for the school geography medal.

Seamus Collins, Gr. 4, Jim Boles, Gr. 5, Sean Gates, Gr. 6, Ciaran McCool, Gr. 6, Benedict Feser, Gr. 7, Sarah Decker , Gr. 7, Joseph Deloso, Gr. 7, Grace Brady, Gr. 8, John Paul Collins, Gr. 8, and Catie McCool, Gr. 8, competed in six rounds of questioning. Benedict Feser earned the school medal by answering the following question correctly. “Disney’s blockbuster movie Frozen is set in the fictional land of Arendelle, which was largely inspired by the country of Norway. Norway is located on which European peninsula? Benedict answered “Scandinavia[n].” Congratulations Benedict! Good luck on the qualifying exam for the Sacramento bee! Jim Boles, only a fifth grader, showed an impressive knowledge of US geography and emerged the second place winner. Seamus Collins, a mere fourth grader and first-time participant in the bee, made an impressive third place finish along with Catie McCool, eighth grade veteran of the competition.

IMG_0121Congratulations to all the finalists and their parents and teachers who helped prepare them. Why do we participate in the National Geographic Bee? Geography is the “grammar” of history, an invaluable foundation in mastering the events of the past as a guide to the future.

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