First Week of School

DSCF1690new studentsteachersOn Sept. 2, 2014, St. Monica Academy began its 14th year. New for this year are drama, public speaking, and debate classes. We also gladly welcome our new families and our new teachers, Miss Molly Boles, Mr. Thomas Quackenbush, Miss Heather Vecchiarelli, Mrs. Angela Lessard, Miss Paula Grimm, and Mr. Anthony Trear.

Mr. Thomas Quackenbush – Chemistry, Biology, Science 8 – was a Physics/Calculus major at Ventura Community College before he transferred to Thomas Aquinas College where he earned his BA in Liberal Arts. His teaching experience comes in the form of a two-year directorship of Chrysostomos.

Miss Molly Boles – Algebra 1, Ancient History, Science 7 – earned her BA in Economics from UCLA, with a minor in Italian. She taught catechism to Gr. 3 – 5 at St. Rita School for 2 yrs., she taught history/life skills to Gr. 9 at Metro Achievement Center, Chicago for a quarter, and she tutored Italian students in English at the University of Bologna for a quarter.

Miss Heather Vecchiarelli – Grade 4 – earned her BA in Philosophy and Communication from USC. Her classroom experience comes from teaching Kindergarten at St. Gregory Nazianzen in Los Angeles-one year, and teaching catechism at St. Finbar in Burbank one year.

Mrs. Angela Lessard – American Lit – earned her BA in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, and her Masters in Theology/Ethics from Boston College. An avid reader, classicist and expert on “the novel as teacher of ethics,” she has served as a classical consultant to St. Monica Academy since its inception.

Miss Paula Grimm – Medieval History 7 – earned her BA in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College and continued her medieval studies at the Carmel cloister at Berkeley, CA.

Mr. Anthony Trear – PE/Tennis 7-8 – is a former tennis pro turned full-time tennis instructor.