Best Basketball Season Ever!

bball2bball3Both of our basketball teams (Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity) had their best seasons ever this year. The boys won their first league title with a league record of 10-2 and an overall record of 13-10. In post-season play, they won their first playoff game against Liberty Christian (55-47). The girls also won their first league title, boasting an undefeated 8-0 record in league and 16-5 record overall. Their post-season victories included a 45-26 win against Cuyama Valley and a 39-38 upset of Renaissance Academy. The breathtaking finish of this game was a buzzer-beater jump shot by sophomore Therese Boles.

Although our boys and girls teams were eventually eliminated in the playoffs, they can both be proud of a job well done and a season of unprecedented success.bball1