Fundraising Letter Writing Campaign

Dear SMA Families,

As you know, tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating our children at St. Monica Academy, so we must raise more than $500,000 per year just to break even.

We thank you for your generous support of the Annual Fund and the Gala Auction. We need, however, to broaden our base of support. To that end, we ask you to help us find potential new donors (1) by providing us names and contact information for persons who might be willing to provide financial support to the school and (2) by writing or calling some of these persons to ask for their financial support.

The following supporting materials may be useful:

– a Sample Donor Solicitation Letter that can be used as a template for letters you might write on SMA’s behalf. You may modify it as you see fit. (After clicking on the above link, you will find the file in your browser’s download folder.)

– a PROSPECTIVE DONORS sheet for you to provide us names and contact information of prospective donors. We will occasionally provide updates on St. Monica Academy to these persons.

– a short talk by Mr. Halpin that captures what is unique about St. Monica Academy.

One family, without any supporting materials, solicited two gifts totaling $1,200 from family and friends. If we all participate in this effort, we can greatly extend the scope of our fundraising and help to keep tuition low.

The more money we raise, the more improvements we can make to programs and to facilities and the more we can pay our teachers.

Thank you and God bless you!