Auditions for HAMLET
Sat. August 25, 1pm-3:30pm
Rm. 8 of School Building


Audition Piece (for men and women)


Tips for a Good Audition (from Warner Theater Center for Arts Education)


-BE PREPARED. KNOW THE SHOW YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR! Research what the show is about, what the plot is, who the characters are, what the vocal ranges are (if a musical), which roles you feel you’d be most interested in, etc. etc. etc. If at all possible, READ THE SCRIPT before your audition. You will feel more confident and you will impress the directors with your knowledge and preparation. Remember: knowledge is power! If you have been asked to prepare a monologue or song for your audition, make sure you have had ample time to prepare and rehearse it – make sure it is as close to perfect as you feel it can be!


-BE HONEST & UP-FRONT. Have your calendar with you and be up front about any possible conflicts with the shows run and rehearsal schedule. The director needs to know about conflicts before you audition, he will decide if he can work with your schedule during the audition. Once you do accept a part, the rehearsal schedule IS CAST IN STONE. You have made a commitment, you must meet it. If the conflict is going to prevent you from doing the show, you and everyone needs to know up front.


-HAVE FUN AND LEARN FROM THE EXPERIENCE! Every audition, whether you end up getting cast or not, is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as a performer. If you are cast in the show, be gracious and professional. (No bragging allowed in the rules of Theatre Etiquette!) And remember to thank the director(s) for giving you the opportunity. If you aren’t cast, don’t take it personally. Remember, not every person who auditions may fit the director’s vision for that particular production. Just use this time to get ready for the next audition – the perfect role is out there waiting for you!