Information and Schedules

Middle School:

St. Monica Academy currently offers four sports for students in 6th through 8th grade. Fall sports include boys’ flag football and girls’ volleyball.  Winter sports include boys’ and girls’ basketball. St. Monica is a member of Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and competes against local parochial schools. Schedules will be posted as they become available.

High School:

St. Monica Academy currently offers twelve high school sports teams. Fall sports include Boys & Girls Cross Country and Girls Varsity & JV Volleyball. Winter sports include Boys Varsity & JV Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Girls Soccer.  Spring sports include Boys Baseball & Volleyball, Girls Lacrosse and Boys & Girls Swimming. St. Monica Academy is a member of the CIF Southern Section, and competes in the International & Heritage Leagues against area high schools. 2019-2020 will be our 11th year as a CIF member school. Over the years we have had considerable success, capturing 27 league championships, reaching the playoffs 46 times, and winning a CIF title in girls volleyball.

CIF Varsity Girls Lacrosse Schedule

CIF Varsity Boys Baseball Schedule

CIF Varsity Boys & Girls Swim Schedule



CIF Girls Varsity & JV Volleyball $110.00
CIF Varsity Cross-Country $85.00
CIF Varsity & JV Basketball $110.00
CIF Varsity Boys Baseball $110.00
CIF Varsity Girls Soccer $110.00
CIF Varsity Girls Lacrosse $110.00
CIF Boys Volleyball $110.00
CYO Boys Football A&B $50.00
CYO Girls Volleyball A&B $50.00
CYO Boys Basketball A&B $50.00
CYO Girls Basketball A&B $50.00

General Guidelines:

– Students arriving at school after 10:00 a.m. are prohibited from participating in any St. Monica Academy athletic contest occurring later that same day.  The CIF athletic director can waive this rule in extenuating circumstances.  Please contact the athletic director (Mr. Bradley) if you think your circumstances justify an easement. – A student must achieve a 2.00 cumulative grade point average in ALL SUBJECTS ATTEMPTED each quarter in order to participate in athletics. – Any student who achieves a grade point average lower than a 2.00 for a particular quarter will be eligible to participate on a PROBATIONARY STATUS for the following quarter. – At the end of the probationary quarter, a student must receive a 2.00 grade point average in order to be eligible for the subsequent quarter. Eligibility becomes effective on the day report cards are issued. – For the purpose of eligibility only, a grade earned in a transcript course during summer school will replace that grade from the immediately preceding grading period in calculating eligibility. Other transcript courses taken in summer school will be calculated as part of the cumulative GPA for that grading period. – Participation in an after-school sport is dependent on compliance with these guidelines: 1) Students are invited to sign up for various sports and must have their parent’s permission to participate. 2) Students participating in a sport must demonstrate that they can maintain a 2.00 average during the sport’s season. 3) If a student’s grades are suffering due to sport participation, school administrators may require withdrawal from the sport. 4) Participating students must attend practices and games and demonstrate good sportsmanship during both practices and games.