Admission Forms

Family Application. Complete this application for the first student applicant in your family and for all incoming freshmen to the high school.

Sibling Application. Complete this application for the second student applicant in your family.

Authorization for Release of Student Records. Complete one copy of this form for each student applicant and turn it in with the application(s). Your copies of student records are acceptable for admission purposes. In most cases, St. Monica Academy will not request records from students’ current schools until they have been accepted and enrolled.

Teacher Recommendation. Request that a teacher or administrator at each applicants’ current school complete this form and return to St. Monica Academy.

These forms are in PDF format, which can be viewed by Adobe Acrobat reader. Click here to download Acrobat reader.

A complete application includes these forms and

a photograph of each applicant
a copy of each applicant’s birth certificate
a copy of each applicant’s baptismal certificate