In Loving Memory of Roy Rohter

Roy Rohter St. Monica Acacemy

Roy Rohter (left), first donor to St. Monica Academy in 2001, with Michael Van Hecke (right) at St. Monica Academy’s St. Motown Auction last April. Michael is the headmaster of St. Augustine Academy in Ventura which Roy founded in 1994.


We ask the prayers of the entire St. Monica Academy community for a dear benefactor, Roy Rohter, who was killed Monday, January 8, when his Montecito home was overcome with a wall of mud and debris. His wife, Theresa, was injured, but rescued. Roy perished in the mud slide. Roy and Theresa were the first donors to St. Monica Academy when it was just an idea in 2001. Without his generosity, the school would not be here. We mourn his passing and we pray for the consolation of his wife, his several children, and many grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements will be published as soon as they are known.